A history of providing clarity to complex issues

Since the A-consult group was founded in 1983, our consulting company has remained deeply focused on helping businesses operate in a regulatory environment that becomes increasingly complex. Our most important job has always been to deliver safe and efficient solutions to the companies we work with. We save them time. We save them money. And we save them the trouble.

As history shows, A-consult group is all about evolving with the needs of our clients. When authorities adopt new regulation, we strive to be the first with the answer to "How does this affect our business, and how do we deal with it?"  When our clients internationalise, we embark on the journey with them and internationalise our own organisation.

Company is founded by Bjarne Alstrøm under the name A-CDP (Alstrøm Consult Data Pharma). Primary business areas are regulatory services within dietary supplements and programming solutions to data companies.

The company’s very first employee is hired. Many more join in the following years.

A-CDP changes its name to A-consult ApS and its legal status to a private limited company.

New restrictions regarding the registration of dietary supplements and herbal medicinal products are introduced in Denmark. A-consult expands the organisation with consultants with pharmaceutical experience.

A-consult now offers Regulatory Affairs services within pharmaceuticals.

The A-consult team reaches 14 skilled employees and moves to a new headquarter. Many new pharmaceutical consultants, programmers and IT-specialists join the company in the following years due to increasing client demands.

A new company, A-consult Data ApS, is formed to manage all data services.

A-consult expands its international operations and buys the French company Yarra SAS, located in Grasse, southern France.

A-pharmaconsult SAS is formed under A-consult Holding. The company inherits all Yarra activities and employees and so becomes an integrated part of the A-consult family.

Loic Girot is appointed General Manager of A-pharmaconsult sas.


Founder and CEO Bjarne Alstrøm retains his role as chairman of the board, but steps down as CEO and a new management team is formed.

Gitte Alstrøm is appointed CEO of A-consult a/s.

A-consult group is a reality where A-consult a/s and A-pharmaconsult sas launches a closer coperation and rebrands their entire identity.

A-consult a/s is sold to AlfaNordic A/S and now joins AlfaNordic Group.



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